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Steve Bellamy




Steve was born in Cambridge and grew up in Glasgow, Pisa, London—and Palo Alto! He studied philosophy and education at York, Leeds, and London Universities, leading to a 20-year career in ESL. Steve lives in Menlo Park with his wife, Laurel; their kids are in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles & Ann Arbor. He is an avid user of everything Apple and was president of the Stanford Mac User Group for 10 years. In his spare time, Steve manages to play guitar and do a little photography, reading and gardening.


Whitney Wegener




Whitney’s breadth of project management and technical experience make her a valued contract consultant on special client projects. She contributes skills in business strategy, program development, product management, data analysis, website usability and search optimization.


Laurel Leone




Laurel has always been involved in some aspect of marketing, sales, branding and communications. Her other passions include movies, the Thursday & Sunday NYT crossword puzzles, hiking, big cities. She is married to her high school sweetheart; they live in Menlo Park and are lucky enough to connect with all their kids on a regular basis - they even occasionally ask for our advice!


Danny Wegener




Danny provides SEM and social media support, and a wide variety of online and print services to our clients. His greatest passion is music, especially bluegrass and roots. He’s been to Jazzfest and to Grass Valley, High Sierra and Rockygrass Bluegrass festivals. He’s also an accomplished cook, bread baker, painter and general handyman.


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